Kuuma’s saunas

You can experience the hottest löyly* sensations either in our wood-heated sauna or the modern smoke sauna. The wood-heated sauna might be more of a traditional type of experience for the first-time sauna-goers, whereas the smoke sauna can give the experienced sauna enthusiasts a chance to step up a notch.

*”Löyly” is a Finnish word for the steam and heat of the sauna: “heittää löylyä” means to throw water on the stove stones to create even more heat and steam.

People in Kuuma's sauna


There are two public mixed saunas at Kuuma, where you can come with a friend or by yourself to relax. The bigger one is the smoke sauna and the smaller of our saunas is a traditional wood-heated sauna.

The admission fee is paid at the café-restaurant before continuing via the shoe locker to the dressing rooms, where you will find lockable changing booths. When ready, continue to the mixed area where the showers and saunas are. In the mixed area, please wear your swimsuit or wrap up in your towel.

So, remember to bring your swimsuit with you – should you forget or for other reasons need to rent swimming gear, that’s also possible with 3 euros per person.

Check our menu, in case you want to grab a bite after!

Kuuma’s team warmly welcomes you to test the holistic health effects of sauna and swimming!


Mon-Fri before 5pm 12€
Tue-Fri after 5pm 17€
Saturdays & Sundays 17€
Towel- and swim suit rental 3€

Sauna opening hours

Monday 11-21
Tuesday 11-21
Wednesday 11-21
Thursday 11-21
Friday 11-22
Saturday 12-22
Sunday 12-21
17.06.2024Saunat yksityiskäytössä klo 16:30 alkaenSuljettu
21.06.2024Juhannusaatto, avaamme klo 12