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Saunaravintola Kuuma’s menu

High-quality, seasonal ingredients, Nordic purity, and subtle surprises make Saunaravintola Kuuma restaurant popular. You can savor a delicious dinner slowly, indulging in every detail, or drop by for a quick bite.

The regularly updated Kuuma menu, in tune with the seasons, offers fresh experiences even for those who have dined with us before. Come and enjoy Nordic gastronomy and social dining with your loved ones – explore our latest menu.

Kuuma’S menu

Sunchoke soup with root muesli

Tenderloin steak 180g, dark garlic sauce, parsnip pure and roasted potatoes

Chocolate cake, berries and vanilla ice cream


kuuma tasting menu

White fish ceviche

Beef Tartar

Lake white fish

Garlic steak

Chocolate cake



Charcuterie 19
Selection of thinly sliced cold cuts, tapenade and bread

White fish ceviche 15
White fish marinated in lime, seasoned with herbs and chili

Tartar 18
Beef tartar of tenderloin, greated egg yolk, gouda cheese and horseradish

Sunchoke Soup 14
Sunchoke soup with root muesli

Kuuma’s Salmon soup 15/24
Kuuma’s famous creamy salmon soup and finnish archipelago bread

Main courses

Garlic Steak 42 
Finnish tenderloin steak 180g, dark garlic sauce, parsnip pure and roasted potatoes

White Fish 32
Pan seared white fish, fennel sauce and barley risotto

Harissa Chicken 28
Herb marinated grilled chicken with Harissa yogurt, sweet potatoes and coleslaw

Barley risotto with Forest Mushrooms 24
Creamy barley risotto with forest mushrooms

Kuuma’s burger 21
Kuuma’s classic! Finnish burgersteak 180g patty between potatoe brioche, Jukola’s cheddar cheese, arugula, marinated red oniona, pickles, chili mayonnaise served with crispy fries

Kuuma’s Veggie Burger 23
Lentil vegetable patty between potato brioche, chili mayonnaise, spinach, arugula, marinated red onions, served with crispy fries


Chocolate cake 14
Chocolate cake, berries, vanilla ice cream

Creme Brule 13
Vanillla flavoured creme brule with berries

Cheeseplate 15
Selection of cheese with pumpkin jam

Kuuma‘s home made icecream12
Home made icecream, butter crumble and roasted white chocolate